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thedollanganger's Journal

8 September
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I am virginia andrews reincarnated.
1408, absinthe, acacia strain, american history x, antique markets, antiques, aplaceinthesun, attics, audrey kawasaki, baby jane hudson, baby venus, bald girls, bare feet, bat for lashes, bette davis, bibliomania, billy bragg and wilco, blood, blythe doll, bob dylan, bobbie gentry, bon iver, bring me the horizon, broken social scene, brothers, bruce springsteen, carrie, cat power, cathy dollanganger, chris dollanganger, christopher young, cocorosie, daisy earles, david bowie, dead poets society, deadgirl, death wish, delirious, east of eden, edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros, elephant man, emarosa, emily haines, emmure, eugenio recuenco, explosions in the sky, family, floral, flowers in the attic, freaks, french cinema, frontiers, funny games, giovanni ribisi, girl interrupted, gone with the wind, gray scott, heaven, high and driving, holly springs disaster, hush hush sweet charlotte, jack white, johnette napolitano, josephine joseph, kevin drew, killwhitneydead, la dispute, lenard cohen, lesley gore, liquid eyeliner, lykke li, mayleneandthesonsofdisaster, merle haggard, mia farrow, miles aldridge, milk, misery, moth diaries, mr. moundshroud, my own private idaho, my sweet audrina, natural born killers, necro, nightmare on elm street, nina nantasia, norma desmond, nylons, oatmeal, obseravtory mansions, ouija, petals on the wind, placebo, portishead, pullip doll, regina spektor, riley baugus, river phoenix, rosemary's baby, shaved heads, shelley winters, smell of old books, sonny, st. vincent, stars, stay ups, sufjan stevens, sunset boulevard, teeth, the cure, the dreamers, the flatliners, the ghost inside, the halloween tree, the lovely bones, the magnetic fields, the others, the ring, the shining, the smiths, the tracey fragments, the yellow wallpaper, thelasthouseontheleft, things open 24/7, tim eriksen, tim o'brien, tourist trap, trichophagia, value village, vincent price, virgin suicides, virginia andrews, war movies/documentaries, we are scientists, what'sthematterwithhelen?, whateverhappenedtobabyjane?, whoever slew auntie roo?, À l'intérieur